Happy Hours - Weekly Webisode - 7 November To 11 November


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Happy Hours Concept Note Today our lives are surrounded by an emerging digital platform, called Social Media. And with time all of us have become active members of this media. ‘Happy Hours’ would be a non-fiction show, which shall connect the many incidents and the moments of our lives with the innumerable and hilarious moments emerging out of the over-use of Social Media. This show won’t only be, limited to standup and gags, but shall extend to videos, and photos etc. which have become an inseparable part of our lives. But, along with humor and comedy this show will also aim at imparting knowledge and awareness to all those related to this media. Happy Hours is a non-fiction show, about two youngsters trying to find meaning to their aimless and mundane lives. Between the two exists a unique chemistry which brings laughter and humor to the show. The two of them, open a channel on a social media website and upload their vlogs, to earn for living and do everything that they must to keep the channel running, by performing a stand-up, playing videos etc. These male and female anchors would together spearhead the show. Next, the heart of this show would be a panel of 6-8 comedians, who shall act in various gags throughout the week, by enacting different characters. The comedians, would endure fixed as well as variable characters depending on the scenario. Every alternate day we shall have a courtroom setup or an interview session. The culprit or guest for this section, would be characters from our day to day lives, like a superstar, businessman, politician, husband etc. The Public Prosecutor would be our Male Anchor while Judge would be a hot glamorous woman, who has no interest in the case. Being a part of Social Media, special videos would be played which are trending on the internet. These videos would be sent by our viewers, and our Anchor & Comedians would comment on the video. Next, a fake saint called as Social Baba, whose life is drenched in Social Media would arrive on set. Looking at his over popularity a metropolitan girl, has opted to become his Cheli and calls herself as Miss Trending. Miss Trending/Cheli is a dumb girl who works as an assistant to the Baba. Social has taken an oath to solve all problems related to Social Media in exchange for discount coupons, recharge coupons etc. but truly he is as fake as his agenda. Social Baba has hilarious interaction with the audience, in which he tends to solve the miniature problems related social media. And finally, the final segment of the episode would be a skit or a gag, performed by our panel of comedians. The theme of the gag can be absolutely anything, for example Costume Drama, Hospital Drama, Police Station Drama, “What happened after that scene of a famous film?”, Puranaa Zamana vs Naya Zamana and so on and so forth, but nonetheless the elements of Social Media would be weaved thoroughly into this act. As a special attraction a contest is also announced in Happy Hours, by which we shall invite Videos from our Audiences every day, and the selected videos would be telecasted on our show and they shall also receive a sponsor prize.
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