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  • Watch And Download | Ae Dil Hai Mushkil 2016 Hindi DVDScr XGyaanDus

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    Film: Ae Dil Hai Mushkil
    Director: Karan Johar
    Starring: Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Fawad Khan and Shah Rukh Khan inside a guest appearance
    As relationships acquire more complicated in person, trust filmmakers to provide those complexities on celluloid too. Karan Johar's latest film poses several questions in the definition of love. Ayan (Ranbir Kapoor) and Alizeh (Anushka Sharma) meet at the bar. After a failed attempt for making out, they spend time, drink, laugh, talk and be friends. Soon enough, he falls deeply in love with her but she is excited about another. They separate when Alizeh marries her love of his life. Meanwhile, Ayan attemptedto move on using the sexy Saba (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) but which doesn't work out either. Fate brings him back with Alizeh but nothing much has evolved. She still doesn't want a romance and hubby still hasn't quit. But now, there exists a tragic lining that hangs over their friendship. How Ayan and Alizeh manage it as well as their relationship forms other story.

    There's always a new challenge to expect from every Karan Johar film. This time, he questions the definition of love. There is also the focus on one-sided love and also to Johar's credit, he handles it with maturity. He captures the friendship between Ayan and Alizeh brilliantly - without letting Ayan's attraction to be with her spoil the bond. The moments are really the and the setting (London, Vienna and Paris) is packed with romance. The winter look boosts the beauty of the film. ADHM is conversational, intimate, complex and fierce with regards to its approach towards love. Ranbir Kapoor is really a delight on-screen, it doesn't matter what he does. From dancing to Jeetendra's songs to doing Sunny Leone's steps from 'Babydoll', he's magic on-screen. When he cries in 'Channa Mereya', you cry with him. But ADHM is owned by Anushka Sharma who delivers her most nuanced performance. As Alizeh, her sincerity is really severe that they steals every frame she's a part of. This performance clearly establishes her since the finest actor of her generation. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan looks stunning and is particularly excellent despite devoid of much to accomplish. Lisa Haydon is completely adorable as bimbette, leading you to wonder why and we don't see really her.

    Karan Johar always tells beautiful love stories and presents his actors wonderfully. But no actor as part of his film has ever risen across the script, or been unhappy by it. When you exit the theatre after watching a KJo film, you recall the songs, the scenes and moments that produce you laugh and cry. In ADHM, you depart the theatre carrying just Ranbir's heartache and Anushka's performance. This film could be Karan Johar's tribute to Imtiaz Ali (having a nod to Farah Khan courtesy each of the 'I-love-Bollywood' moments). The first half is just like Tamasha plus the second half, Rockstar. Unfortunately both those films also starred Ranbir Kapoor, so there exists a sense of deja vu. It's all adequately to make fun of Hindi films from your 80s, even so you can't have your protagonists dancing to synchronized steps with foreign background dancers in the disco in London. Sadly, the continuity jerks are additionally far too many. When Alizeh would like to take the heartbroken Ayan home, she asks him for his address and she takes him to her house when he could be too drunk to share with her. But she's been in the house before. Also, when she's leaving Paris for London, she's shown desperately attempting to pack things right into a red bag. But she leaves the accommodation with just a backpack. Alizeh play-acting the dramatic Hindi TV serial heroine is straight from Tees Maar Khan. Ranbir Kapoor's filmi dance moves in another song is going to take you right into a flash from Bachna Ae Haseeno. KJo's films are usually KJo's films. This one seems heavily borrowed, diluting the complete impact. The biggest letdown is the fact despite every one of the focus on relationships, the film lacks the ability to choke you with emotion. The only one that comes close happens when Ayan and Alizeh waltz on Lag Jaa Galey which too due to the inherent emotional worth of the classic song.

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  • MS Dhoni: The Untold Story 'First On Net' x264 XGyaandus | Watch And Download,Review 3.5/5

    MS Dhoni: The Untold Story - Download Here (800 MB) (Best Print)

    MS Dhoni: The Untold Story - Download Here (800 MB)

    MS Dhoni: The Untold Story - Download Here (800 MB) V2

    MS Dhoni: The Untold Story - Download Here (800 MB) Tamil (Torrent Link)



    There continues to be huge hype and several promotional activities around the movie, with the effort being led by Dhoni himself from the front.
    Mahendra Singh Dhoni; Sushant Singh Rajput in the biopicMahendra Singh Dhoni; Sushant Singh Rajput in the biopic
    MS Dhoni: The Untold Story is releasing in a record 205 screens in 25 and Tamil multiplex displays in Hindi and was dubbed into Tamil. This is the maximum number of displays for a dubbed movie in Tamil. The advance booking for the Hindi original is as good as a big hero Tamil movie in the Chennai multiplexes. But what has grabbed the trade completely by surprise is the enormous pressure among theaters to play with the Tamil dubbed variant. The Tamil trailer of the film has crossed 1 million views — an amount no dubbed film is normally able to generate.
    Vettri Theatre in Chromepet, a suburb of Chennai, typically plays with fans of that particular actor early morning shows of enormous hero Tamil movies. MS Dhoni: The Untold Story is the first Hindi film dubbed into Tamil which has been slotted at 8, for a morning show. Rakesh Gowthaman of Vettri Theatre says, “I’m amazed in Tamil by the incredible advance booking for MSD at our screen. It's been sold out for the Friday 8 show, and advance booking for the weekend is great. The number of shows may increase depending on the movie's report after the release.”
    Other heroes typically do not get a wide release and are confined largely to Chennai and Coimbatore multiplexes. Rakesh Gowthaman clarifies, "I have never played a Sushant Singh Rajput movie before in my screens. MSD is loved by people in Chennai; they may be coming to watch his biopic, and the trailer has created a lot of curiosity.”
    And when CSK was prohibited for two years, there was an enormous sympathy wave for the team in mad Chennai. And the sort of promotions Fox Star Studios did for MS Dhoni: The Untold Story have ensured the tremendous advance booking opening for the film.
    Sushant Singh Rajput and Dhoni interacted with their fans at Chennai’s popular Sathyam Cinemas. The show was anchored by popular Tamil TV anchorman Dhivyadharshini, and the bunch was won by Dhoni when he produced a punchline from a Rajinikanth picture. And the icing on the cake was Dhoni and Sushant's private meeting with celebrity Rajinikanth, which went viral.
    All this has ensured that MS Dhoni: The Untold Story in Hindi and its dubbed Tamil version will take a very good opening in Tamil Nadu.
    On the negative, theater owners are a little worried about whether or not the crowds will sit through the 3-hour 10-minute biopic? Also, in the trailer, there aren't any references visually to CSK as Dhoni is shown playing in the Team India uniforms or white flannel.
    It looks unlikely that those will be important sticking points. Any way you have a look at it, the movie has hit on a six even before its release.


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  • Get To Know : Alok Sagar,An Ex-IIT professorwho once taught Raghuram Rajan is now working for tribals

    A degree in engineering from IIT Delhi, a Masters degree, and a Ph.D. from Houston were just stepping stones for Alok Sagar, an ex-IIT professor. Alok serving the folks living there, and has been residing for 32 years in the remote tribal villages of Madhya Pradesh.

    While teaching at IIT Delhi, Alok had prepared numerous pupils, including Raghuram Rajan, the ex-RBI governor, reports Talking Tree. After stepping down from his work, Alok started working for tribals in the Hoshangabad and Betul districts of Madhya Pradesh. For the past 26 years, he has been living in Kochamu, a distant village with 750 tribals, lacking both electricity and roads, and with merely a primary school.


    Alok has put more than 50,000 trees in the region and believes that individuals can serve the nation better by working at the grassroots level. In India, people are facing a lot of difficulties, but folks are busy establishing their cleverness by revealing their degrees as opposed to serving people,” Alok told the Hindustan Times.

    Alok continues to keep a low profile. During Betul’s recent district elections, local authorities asked him to leave and grew suspicious. Alok revealed his long list of qualifications, which the district government, to their surprise, confirmed to be authentic, reports Patrika.
    What makes Alok's narrative inspiring is his simplicity. He owns just three sets of a cycle and kurtas and spends his day gathering and dispersing seeds. Alok can speak many languages and dialects used by tribals in the area. Closely related to the Shramik Adivasi Sangathan, he spends most of his time working for their upliftment.

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  • Freaky Ali First On Net X264 XGyaandus |Download And Watch

    Freaky Ali -Download Here (700MB)




    At some point in Freaky Ali, its titular hero Nawazuddin Siddiqui with his fantastic snooty golf rival Jas Arora clash over their economic difference in lines that reek of your era dusted and carried out with. Straightaway sensing how dated the ameer versus gareeb squabble sounds with the current economic scenario, Nawaz mocks it within a hushed, self-parodical tone.

    If only Sohail Khan’s exercise in stereotypes would facetiously scoff at Freaky Ali’s farce more frequently, its adherence to everyone thoroughly tested elements will be a lot less tedious.

    Between a crude a sense of humour seeking laughs in fat shaming, racist humour, misogyny, hostile behaviour to your elderly as well as a taste for juvenile shenanigans, undergarment fixation and wannabe Kader Khanisms, it’s impossible to cheer just for this golf-themed tall tale of an mohalla slacker using a pursuit for become ‘Golf ka Sachin.’

    Although you will need obvious inspiration from Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore, the pedestrian comedy sticks to worn-out Bollywood clichés like Amitabh Bachchan-styled basti orphan praying loudly inside chapels, a voluntary mother recalling Nirupa Roy, the duo’s textbook affection signifying religious secularism and, to always remember, reasserting great and bad all the best charms -- whether it's the trusty talisman or Freaky Ali’s mommy-knitted miracle sweater.

    It also aspires to channel the Munna-Circuit tapori camaraderie of Munnabhai MBBS except puffy hafta collector Arbaaz Khan is a dour, drab sidekick.

    A sub-plot involving his brawny, blockheaded boss (Nikitin Dheer) and his awesome blundering cohorts increases the cacophony.

    Under any circumstances, the distinctiveness of Nawaz playing hero in a very more mainstream skin doesn’t last around Freaky Ali’s clumsy wit or contrived romance track having a blank Amy Jackson.

    It’s strange to look at Nawaz and Seema Biswas (as his adoptive Ma), a couple of art-house cinema’s biggest breakout stars in recent years, articulating corny sentiment in poorly composed scenes when their calibre deserves a much better platform.

    As dazzling Nawaz is at shutting up his highbrow opponent (Jas Arora, all fuzz no fury), the writing itself is too daft and phony to tickle. It's puzzling why Arora’s character is initially depicted as some kind of your senior, retired golf champion, handing out prizes to players and then haughtily contest with precisely the same bunch in tournaments to adhere to.

    As always, deficiency of insight troubles Sohail Khan’s latest feature too. He pitches the category disparity concerning novice Nawaz and five-time champion Jas Arora to extract predictable, overblown conflict but ceases to recognise the opportunity of commentary in elitist monopolisation of certain sports. Or something like Mansoor Khan who captured this smug entitlement perfectly in Rajput versus Model rivalry within the delightful sportsmanship of Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar.

    Golf is usually a serene sport. On screen, a game title about focus and patience isn’t always thrilling to look at and Freaky Ali doesn’t even pretend want it would like to enthuse forget educate except equating it with cricket for analogical purposes.

    It’s entirely on the writers and actors to create the proceedings seem crucial or comic. What appears on-screen is plain lazy for their part and it is painfully dull to observe.

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  • Baar Baar Dekho First On Net X264 XGyaandus |Download And Watch

    Baar Baar Dekho - Download Here (700MB)


    I wonder if Katrina Kaif is nice at poker.

    In Baar Baar Dekho, Kaif wears an all-encompassing blankness, appearing like a striking yet not altogether realistic waxwork.

    She’s an idea, albeit one whose accent-soaked Hindi -- more unbearable than previously -- gets with respect to possible appreciation, and I wager she’d be an unnerving opponent using a card table, one both stealthy and distracting.

    Cast in a very film, however, her blessings are less obvious. Particularly that has a co-star mysterious for virtually every acting talent either, in a very film certainly where an feeble script is constructed on constant, relentless revelations with artlessly expository dialogues.

    Characters consistently indicate well-known, labelling things to the audience: one points to your Hanuman statue and calls it Hanuman, while women at the Thailand resort highlights a Welcome To Thailand sign any time a guest -- who could be asking which floor he’s on -- asks where he's.

    Sidharth Malhotra, who plays protagonist Jai Verma, stands around at the lavish pre-wedding party and tells his bride-to-be that she can have spent all of this funds on vedic mathematics research instead.

    Right. That is often a creative decision within the same league as Chitrangda Singh teaching Economics at Oxford inside execrable Desi Boyz. Worse, perhaps, since Jai is really a good article.

    The most imbecilic hero I remember in awhile, Jai is usually a math professor perpetually wondering what is happening. A slackjawed dullard, he walks around within a duh state, asking silly questions holding track of his surroundings. Granted, director Nitya Mehra frequently (and inexplicably) pulls the rug out of under his feet, that has a half-baked plot and that is two parts A Christmas Carol then one part Groundhog Day, but there's no excuse for just a hero this dismal and lunkheaded in almost any romantic film.

    We must feel that this person is usually a math-obsessed academic, and this his lady Diya (Kaif) is started by hearing numbers multiplied quickly, how Jamie Lee Curtis melted to the Italian tongue in A Fish Called Wanda.

    Nothing on this movie accumulates, nevertheless the gist is Jai -- annoyingly tentative and indecisive about marriage, in-laws as well as the woman within his life -- keeps getting jolted ahead into your future where things change anf the husband continues to be same stupid self, struggling to trap up.

    It is perhaps all rather excruciating, inspite of the glossy settings along with the casually futuristic detailing, largely because Mehra labours her point endlessly and her tubelight hero never generally seems to be taught a thing.

    This is really a hero who, minutes after he first leaps forward soon enough, decides to permit his hair down and chill over the party song.

    This is really a hero who, recognising the opportunity for an affair that can wreck a wedding or two, goes ahead and tries against eachother first.

    This can be a hero who learns of the once-prosperous friend’s life going awry but doesn’t bother to aid him using a warning.

    This is usually a hero who, after assuming per day essential signals wedding ceremony of his son, is stunned to view his wife there.

    This can be a hero who makes use of any second-chance since they can be needlessly rude to numerous individuals who may well cross a line inside the future, however are blameless during the time he’s throwing them shade.

    This is often a hero who calls his pregnant wife fat then proceeds to generate the automobile drive to hospital information about himself, later preferring to accost a pandit within a corridor in lieu of be there to keep his hand.

    And then... he calls himself a genius.

    Geniuses will be in entirely short supply on the subject of this production, having a boisterous Ram Kapoor proving the lowest amount of objectionable element.

    Comedian Rohan Joshi approximately -- carrying a briefcase right into a hospital only when he wants website visitors to think he’s a banker -- and, with no slightest opportunity to experiment with his comic chops, looks incredulous on the film he’s in. Perhaps he’s distracted with the music, by songs like Kho Gaye Hum Kahan which sound shamelessly like Karen O’s The Moon Song played by using an Amit Trivedi filter.

    Characters undergo lots with this film -- the Groundhog Day portion of the script is among the most tedious and also the most contrived -- but none a lot more than the viewers.

    Diya, portrayed by Katrina as high-strung and shrill, is -- by my reckoning -- one of the most patient and understanding wife inside the world. Married to a utter idiot, her outbursts are entirely justified, are available what may, she does put program him and consents to loving him. Poor thing. And yet, even in the end of this unbearable film when situations are finally, belatedly being set right, the fool husband complains about her impossible temper.

    As if it’s her fault.

    Poor show, Ms Mehra. If you might go back with time setting this film right, make something else entirely instead.

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