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  • Sherlock S04E01 The Six Thatchers 2017 : HDTVRip 720p Eng GyaanduS | Download And Watch For Free

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    Now that the “top secret beyond classified” D-Notice has expired on The Six Thatchers, we can easily drop the coyness: Mary Watson isn't any more. That’s the biggie the BBC didn’t want leaked and around which episode previews were forced to dance. Mary’s dead, John’s a widow and baby Rosamund is left a motherless child.

    It would have been a glum end with an episode that started off as jolly as Christmas with Sherlock on ebullient, ginger nut-crunching form. The fast-paced frivolity of The Six Thatchers’ first half-hour was drowned out by grief prior to the finish. Amanda Abbington injected some characteristic Mary-ish levity into her death scene, but as soon as she’d blinked her last, we had been left with Martin Freeman lowing such as a cow in labour and tears complete.

    (This, after upright John’s role as Sherlock’s "loyal" outsourced human conscience have been tarnished by that extra-marital texting?) Perhaps Sherlock’s creators felt we’d all just been having too good annually.

    More likely they desired to pull off a surprise, tug on the heartstrings and take away a superfluous piece in the board. As Sherlock cavalierly told John earlier inside the episode, Mary created a better sidekick than her husband. She was cleverer, more knowledgeable, together with the whole ex-international agent thing taking place. Not known for his sentimentality, why would Sherlock pick John over her? Killing off Mary alleviated the requirement to contrive explanations why, later on, John shouldn’t are the one left holding the newborn.

    With her gone, all that’s stopping the previous duo from winding back the hands of time and getting to crime-solving basics will be the small a few one of them refusing to speak with the other. (That and the newborn, but television, immeasurably preferring little ones’ debuts inside the world with their continued existence, does find ways around that.)

    Mary's labour was among the many light-hearted skits that made The Six Thatchers more comedy than anything in its first third. For 30 minutes, Sherlock squabbled entertainingly with Mycroft and John and talked as a result of everyone else, Rosie included. There were tired-parents gags, case-solving gags, digs-at-Lestrade gags… It was brisk, funny, cleverly performed and recognisably Sherlock.

    What it lacked was the a sense building menace that made The Reichenbach Fall or His Last Vow such strong episodes. Instead of one cohesive feature-length story, it was obviously a succession of three somewhat disjointed half hours: a comedy intro, a Bourne-style globe-trotting action thriller, plus an emotional relationship drama. Laugh, get a pulse racing, cry, there we were instructed. At pointless did it feel were we invited to fix a central mystery alongside our heroes. The episode trusted our passion for these characters being higher than our love of a genuine villain as well as a tightly wound problem to unravel. As entertaining mainly because it all was, deficiency of both was felt.

    The mysteries which are there didn’t quite sing. The corpse inside car got off and away to a promisingly macabre start but fizzled out once we learned that the young victim arbitrarily expired coming from a seizure as opposed to being tied up with the primary story. The ‘ammo’ code was closest we located being able to interact with the clues. Hiding the true reason for Mary’s downfall in plain sight by introducing Vivian Norbury and her Mivvi as sprightly, comedic opening would have been a good trick, but a familiar one.

    After the many “Miss me?” teasing, Vivian Norbury and Sacha Dhawan's AJ didn’t quite make the grade as baddies. With two episodes still to visit, Moffat and Gatiss have enough time to convince us they had a plan to adhere to up the series three Moriarty cliff-hanger, but time’s ticking. How many months have passed since Sherlock was on that plane? If the spider hasn’t made his posthumous move now, proper? Roll on, Toby Jones.

    Looks-wise, the locations were excellent as it ever was. Mary's jaunt had global scope, and then there seems to be a good number of slick, ultra-rich mansions to stage Sherlock's fights. The screen though, hasn't been busier. Hashtags, video calls, elemental symbols, rolling dice, dotted lines rattling along world maps… The show's existing visual flourishes are already upped as well as the editing style accelerated. What was already a classy, inventively filmed series is zhuzhed up.

    Ultimately, the episode was less considering setting up detective mysteries when compared to telling a Jason Bourne-like story about Mary. The peace she’d found with John was built on borrowed time. Whatever vows was made, her past was likely to catch up with her and yes it did, yet not before she’d a final moment of heroism and repaid the debt she owed Sherlock for His Last Vow’s bullet.

    The inability of avoiding your fate was the episode’s thematic spine, illustrated by ancient Mesopotamian tale The Appointment In Samarra. Mary’s was the fate showcased, however the story was recited by Sherlock, who disliked it much as a child he rewrote the ending. It makes sense for predestination to irk this kind of rational mind as his, though the obsession suggested something more. Is the show hinting that Sherlock too comes with a inescapable date with death? Those lines about him not the ability to outrun his future, having a great time while he still can and lastly having a noose to get his neck into could be something to talk about with his therapist…

    That’s right, Sherlock Holmes is at therapy. He’s learned to find help and, as revealed by that final scene with Mrs Hudson, found out that his arrogance may have catastrophic consequences. Aside from Mitch Cullin’s A Slight Trick Of The Mind perhaps, this adaptation has been doing more to produce the psychology on the character than maybe another. This Sherlock Holmes is not any longer an excellent machine for solving mysteries, he’s someone and he’s in pain. How that pain can come to bear for the next two episodes is intriguing.

    The Six Thatchers was an entertaining, polished instalment, good yet not great (judging only at this show’s own high standards). It would be a transitional episode that fulfilled the function of taking Sherlock’s major players down again from three to two, re-establishing the show’s status-quo, give or take John's incandescent rage at his former flatmate.

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  • Watch And Download : 'Suriya's 24' 2016 Dual Audio (HIndi -Tamil ) UnKut HDRip 480p-720p ESub

    Suriya's 24 2016 Dual Audio( Hindi -Tamil ) - Download Here (400MB)

     Suriya's 24 2016 Dual Audio( Hindi -Tamil ) - Download Here (1.64 Gb)


    This movie possess everything: 

    - Strong story base 

    - Sci-fi fantasy 

    - Romance, though below par from the standard of entire movie 

    - Deadly villain 

    - Unexpected twists 

    - Family drama 

    - perfect logic loops 

    A once in a decade kind of film, very carefully handled in terms of screenplay and direction. The movie starts in a typical sci-fi way, then slowly takes you into a roller-coaster ride with some unimaginable and unpredictable destinations. 

    Cinematography & VFX deserves a special mention as this film could have been nothing without this team. 

    In a sci-fi film, you cannot think of songs to gel up with the pace of the film, but here, they were awesomely handled. BGM, out of word - Rahman rules all over. 

    Its triple role for Surya as Athreya/Mani/Sethuraman and he rules the entire movie with his performance. The antagonist Athreya is on top of the rest. 

    Amidst a completely occupied screen space for the lead actor, Samantha and Nithya Menon have got decent roles and they have done their parts well. 

    The movie do have a few glitches in the first half, but they are completely negligible for its 'never seen before' kind of feel, when your anticipation goes wrong all the time. 

    Verdict: Just go for it...!

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  • Passengers 2016 Watch Online And Download DvdScr |Exclusive

    Passengers 2016 (In English) - Download Here

    In this movie, passengers Jim's hibernation pod malfunctions. He spends each year in utter loneliness until he decides to arise another passenger.

    Jennifer Lawrence is spectacular on this movie. It reminded me of why I love her a lot. She's simply so talented and extremely brings on the emotion. The scenes where she was upset and unhappy or excited and delighted I really felt everything with her. Honestly, she's just a real phenomenal actress and I really do not get why anyone thinks she's overrated.

    My favorite scenes are usually after Aurora learns Jim woke her up. The raw emotion and feelings that I experience while you're watching is what makes Jennifer Lawrence so astounding.

    Chris Pratt is usually incredible. The emotion they can invoke in viewers is incredible. I loved him in Jurassic World and Guardians in the Galaxy, plus Passengers he does as well.

    A movie with a real small cast needs actors who are able to deliver. And deliver they did. The other members with the cast include Lawrence Fishburne and Michael Sheen. I haven't really seen any one their movies before (at the very least none that I can remember) nevertheless they were both pretty damn outstanding inside the movie.

    I love the story with the movie, it feels original and exciting.

    So how can this be movie so unpopular with critics? I mean the cast is fantastic and the storyplot feels incredibly original.

    I mean honestly, with critics, there exists really not worry about. Critics will dislike everything for hardly any justifiable reason, and then for movies, critics represents the small insignificant minority (ouch, right?). Who likes you critics? We should start up a revolution against them because honestly no-one cares anymore.

    Some in the best movies contain the worst critic ratings. Some critics think their job is to locate everything wrong with something and rant about this.

    What's more significant is the folks who actually begin to see the movie, who from the vast majority of moviegoers. Critics are insignificant really.

    I was surprised to find out that some individuals said that Passengers was misogynistic using a flawed story. I have to point out that I strongly disagree.

    The concept of Passengers is all about a man stranded alone over a ship, determined to die. The movie examines a persons condition. The loneliness he feels is unquestionable (at some time he is in close proximity to committing suicide.) Jon Sphaits (the author) wrote a script that asks quite and difficult questions. What would you do?

    Like they say within the movie, Jim is incredibly similar to a drowning man, he'll almost certainly do anything he thinks will save you him. Loneliness causes him to get up another passenger. And this movie I felt taken care of it appropriately.

    And I am not wanting to justify his actions, because they're undoubtedly wrong, however, I strongly believe everyone would've done exactly the same thing had they been within the same situation. Besides the idea that Jim redeems himself from the end by letting Aurora the option she was not ever given.

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  • Watch And Download : Rogue One A Star Wars Story (2016) 720p HQHDRIP Exclusive

    Rogue One A Star Wars Story HQHDRIP - Download Here

    Rogue One is the first Star Wars film to be set outside the Episodic Sagas. With that, there was a lot of pressure on it to perform and launch this new series of Star Wars films.

    By far, this is the least kid friendly film. This was at it's core, a war film, something we have never really gotten in the Star Wars universe. With the war theme we got an overall darker tone than we are use to, and it really suited the story they were telling. We never have experienced the war side of Star Wars because the stories have always been focused on a force user rather than the events around them. Because there are no jedi, we got to see more of the Rebellion and the Empire and the battle that is taking place during the original trilogy.

    Offsetting the darker tone of the film, I thought this was perhaps the funniest Star Wars film. There are so many one liners and comedic moments that brings a lighter tone to the darker moments. I think much of the comedic moments came from the droid character K2SO. For the most part, he was the comedic relief and because of that, you are drawn to his character and is a stand out.

    While still on the cast and characters, I thought they were near perfect. While the characters themselves aren't as fleshed out as we get during the saga films, for the role themselves, they served their purpose. Apart from K2SO, I thought Donnie Yen's character, Chirrut was a close second standout. I really enjoyed his character because of his connection into the Star Wars law.

    How much you enjoy Rogue One is, for the most part, going to depend how deep you invested you are into the world of Star Wars. As someone who read Cataylst in the lead up to Rogue One, I felt as though my experience during this film was enhanced so much. There were so many moments that was so much meaningful and heartfelt because I knew the backstory to some of these events and characters. There is also a lot fan service in Rogue One that on paper, it seems like it's too much. But what stood out was that not one of the fan services felt shoed in. All of it felt like it had a place in the movie and should of been there regardless of if it was a fan service moment or not.

    Walking out of this film, you are going to be on a high and that is because of the fantastic third act this film has. Rogue One has a third act that will rival that of Return of the Jedi. This is one of the best space battle I have ever seen. While I love the one in Return of the Jedi, personally I rank the opening battle from Revenge of the Sith above it. However, the space battle in Rogue One beats them all. It had the feel that Return of the Jedi brought in their space battle but with the action and visual effects the space battle in Revenge of the Sith.

    Stepping back from the space battle, the third act has a terrific ground level fight. This was where the war tone was heavily present. This was a scene we see in a WWII war film but with a Star Wars skin. There's no better way to describe it, and that is a good thing. What really enhanced the war toned ground fight was how well it was edited between the action happening on the ground and the spectacle of a space battle happening above them.

    I have to mention Vader. While he isn't in it all that much, when he is, his presence is felt. Without giving so much away, his final scene is perhaps one of my favourite scenes I have ever seen. The short scene alone rivals the Airport scene in Captain America: Civil War for me. It is so exciting that it has the capability to make any major Star Wars fans cry with happiness.

    Overall, I loved this movie. This did what it need to do and prove that they can make Star Wars films that isn't all lightsabers and Skywalkers. But what this film does the best is enhance A New Hope. As soon as I walked out the cinema I wanted to go and watch A New Hope. Personally, I really struggle with watching A New Hope but with Rogue One it makes me excited to go back and watch the original Star Wars.


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  • Dangal (2016) Full Hindi Movie x264 DVDScr Rip XGyaanDus |Download And Watch Full Movie

    Dangal 2016 Download Here (1.2GbB) (Link Updated)

    Dangal 2016 Download Here (600 MB)  (Link Updated)

    Dangal 2016 Download Here (400 MB)   (Link Updated)

    Dangal 2016 Tamil Dubbed (400 Mb) (Link Updated) 

    Dangal 2016 Telugu Dubbed (400 Mb) (Link Updated) 



    When Mahavir Singh Phogat (Aamir), a wrestler from Haryana, loses hope of experiencing a son, he trains his daughters Geeta (Fatima) and Babita (Sanya) to generate wrestling history, thus revealing the taboo of Indian women doing a sport so far dominated by men.

    In the storyline department, Dangal offers few surprises because Geeta and Babita's historic wins for the Commonwealth Games and following championships are typical knowledge. However, this screen adaptation serves to be a recap of the arduous journey also it vigorously recaptures their stubborn father's resolve to create them professional wrestlers resistant to the odds. Since it encapsulates the historic wins in the Phogats, who brought India glory, the film is additionally bound to inspire more women to significantly consider kushti as a hobby.

    What works wonderfully this is actually the writing. Director Nitesh Tiwari, in conjunction with Piyush Gupta, Shreyas Jain and Nikhil Mehrotra needs to be complimented for his or her tongue-in-cheek quality, peppered with humour and many poignant father-daughter emotions during. Of course, a bit is lost in translation because on the Haryanvi twang. But, messages on our obsession with a man child (prevalent ever since the dark ages), myopic climb onto bringing up our daughters and also the administration’s pathetic disposition towards sports, are loud and clear.

    It is always to the film’s credit that though Geeta and Babita’s wins are documented, still it manages to engage the viewer while using wrestling tournaments and produce patriotic emotions for the fore. Most importantly, Dangal scores using its first-rate performances. An ungainly Aamir (22 kilos heavier) with grey tresses are pitch-perfect as being the ziddi yet sensitive parent. The 51-year-old actor needs to be complimented for trying his roles, unlike his contemporaries who prefer to try out safe. Sakshi as his wife, is restrained, yet effective. And, the debutants Fatima and Sanya can be this year’s best finds.

    Music director Pritam and lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya manage an earthy soundtrack with Daler Mehndi’s title track pumping inside the adrenaline. Also, the soft track Gilheriyaan, the Haryanvi rap and hip-hop Haanikarak Bapu as well as the Dhakaad number, have been in perfect tandem while using narrative.

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