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    On the face of the usb ports, apna Jolly is really a novice experiencing petty crimes while he knows the loopholes inside law. At home, they are the hen-pecked husband of lush, Pushpa Panday(Huma) who loves whisky, Gucci dresses and her chubby son because order. But these are merely asides instead of the main premise of courtroom drama, which often follows web site of the 2013 prequel, Jolly LLB.

    Writer-director Subhash Kapoor who may have studied India’s burgeoning legal system of `I-will-see-you-in-court’, definitely knows as often about the Indian Penal Code as many legal sharks as a result of his deep study from the subject. While the last instalment handled a hit-n-run case, that one deals with the situation of mistaken identity of your J & K terrorist. The plot has enough laugh-out-loud situations and emotional outbursts and keep you invested especially within the razor-sharp first half. The film also affords the right dose of action outside and inside the courtroom. With cops playing villains and terrorists changing religions, legal greenhorn Jolly finds himself dodging bullets in Kanpur, Lucknow and Manali(doubling up for Kashmir.)


    Post interval though, the film hits a pause button on occasion. The maker efforts to pack in a lot of legal diatribe between Jolly and the adversary, the topnotch, Pramod Mathur(Annu Kapoor), in Judge Tripathy’s (Saurabh Shukla, delightful keep in mind) Lucknow courtroom. Their weighty arguments do educate and entertain relatively. But you will find portions that seem contrived.

    Akshay changes shades from crooked to straight, such as a chameleon. In top-form, he puts up an excellent display of your street-smart lawyer who hasn’t read legal tomes but that has instead found tips from courtroom corridors to get Jolly LLB. Huma and Annu can also be compelling enough. It is the fine display of histrionics by all of these refined actors, making the movie, worth seeing.

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  • Exclusive S3 – Yamudu 3 (2017) DVDScr Telugu Full Movie Watch Online Free | Watch And Download

    Yamudu 3 (2017) DVDScr Telugu Full Movie - Download Here (600MB)

    Much like after you walk into a show screening of any James Bond adventure or, closer home, a Rajinikanth starrer, you should know exactly what to expect once you troop to a movie which includes Suriya. And a Suriya as Singam or Lion – knowning that too to be a cop – could only push the film in a very singularly unilateral direction. The man must be squeaky clean, putting to shame a force where corruption rules with unbelievably high-handedness. Not only is Singam honest, sincere and dedicated, but he's also so strong that he or she is equated having a lion – together with the actor positively often leaping to the air before he bangs his opponent along with his outstretched palm. Just like the king in the forest, Singam will be the undisputed monarch in the territory. Which has been expanding.

    Durai Singam – that will be the full name with the character that this actor portrays – continues to grow since his first appearance in Singam 1 – which strove to weave an equilibrium between his family’s sentiments and his awesome own arrival in to the big area of Chennai. Singam chooses the khaki as his sole identity and principle in your everyday living. Singam 2 saw Suriya chasing criminals along the Tamil Nadu border – with what was a clear indication of his rising powers and expanding turf.

    In the third on the series, shortened stylistically to Si3, Suriya’s Durai Singam is usually a Deputy Commissioner of Police in Chennai that is asked to help solve the murder from the Andhra Pradesh Commissioner of Police. When someone quips why ask a Tamil Nadu policeman into the future over, pat comes the reply: Because Singam is forthright, dedicated and unimaginably daring. And may I add, unbelievably strong, so strong that she can race past a truck, jump down several storeys with out a scratch to his body and tackle dozens of pistol-toting and knife-wielding men, each looking more evil compared to other.

    Singam lands in Vishakhpatnam, the scene with the murder, and very smells a tremendous racket involving an Indian businessman (through an Australian passport plus an Indian Minister to get a father) – who dumps in the Indian backyard Australian medical waste and medicines past their expiry. Children die once they inhale the smoke in the waste which is burnt. A policeman faints when he has a spurious pill from Australia. The culprit with this game is Vittal, and Singam – using the help of any few honest cops – breaks to a seemingly impregnable fortress of crime and corruption, greed and inhuman callousness.

    The movie is but one long chase of 156 minutes – punctuated in short moments by the night club dance number plus a Shruti Haasan being an investigative reporter, Vidya, in love using a Singam, happily married to Anushka Shetty’s Kavya. These romantic or marital interludes appear a lot more an excuse to get women audiences on the film, that is otherwise tryingly violent, having a camera which could well put to shame a relatively hyperactive kid. The only time the digital camera breathes easy happens when Singam gets to his preachy best – forcefully reminding the villains along with the traitors that India is often a great country. Not one huge garbage bin that men like Vittal treat, dumping in it the poisonous filth and dirt from another nation, Australia in such a case. (As I walked out in the cinema, I was wondering regardless of if the Australian Government would take umbrage over this.)

    Honestly, Si 3 seems quite jaded broke and alone really different to offer through the earlier editions. And Suriya looks positively tired, a tad uninterested and mechanical too. After all, there were nothing refreshing with this roar.

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  • Exclusive Si3 – Singam 3 (2017) DVDScr Tamil Full Movie |Watch And Download | Tamilrockers

    Singam 3 (2017) DVDScr Tamil - Download Here (600MB)

    After facing a slew of unexpected hurdles along with the confusion which prevailed on the title, Si3 (S3 aka SIIIRev earlier) has finally made it on the screens. With the project getting postponed multiple times along with the ‘entertaining’ political situation from the state, the hype round the film suffered a beating. But that doesn’t often deter Duraisingam from roaring loud, making swift actions, bashing the baddies uncompromisingly and winning applause from his colleagues along with the audience.

    For a difference, another part inside the Singam franchise isn’t emerge Tamil Nadu. This time, oahu is the thugs and criminals of Andhra Pradesh who face the temperature of Duraisingam’s (Suriya) clever actions and rapid decisions. The dedicated police man is roped in Visakhapatnam once the ministry finds him being the most reliable person to unravel the murder of Ramakrishna (Jayaprakash), a sincere officer. Joining him inside the mission are definitely the characters played by Robo Sankar, Krish while others.

    Like Singam 2, these times, too, Duraisingam is able to tweak his identity just a little and lies about his relationship status even going to his colleagues so as to maintain secrecy. In no time he realizes that Madhusudhana Reddy (Sharat Saxena), an ego-centric goon in Vizag, controls the illegal activities within the city though he doesn’t have sufficient evidence to book him. After a combination of investigations, he finds that Vizag-born multinational businessman Vittal Prasad (Thakur Anoop Singh), a proud Australian citizen, controls the network of Reddy as well as other gangsters. Vittal threatens Duraisingam when he realises that this latter is after him. A furious Singam then attempts to nab him by locating a connection between the murder with his fantastic other unlawful doings.

    Suriya, who carries the whole film on his shoulders, is full form — Duraisingam appears to be intense, brave and energetic as they appeared greater than six in years past. This time, too, his mission ends leaving a hint which the franchise has arrived to stay. Director Hari’s consistency in handling cop stories convincingly and entertainingly needs for being commended because he has been proving his expertise repeatedly. The popular element linked to the Singam franchise after Duraisingam, could very well be, its theme music. Though the Suriya-Harris Jayaraj combination continues to be a successful combo, plus the latter does a decent job here, you will discover instances where Devi Sri Prasad’s beats are missed.

    Anushka, who played Duraisingam’s girlfriend, Kavya inside the first two instalments plays his wife now and does precisely what is expected of her — the role connected with an understanding and caring partner. The character, Agni, essayed by Shruti Haasan, is the one other role with the actress which actually provides speed-breaker to your otherwise super-racy script, and reminds you of Hansika in Singam 2. The audience can’t be blamed should they get confused whether are watching Vedalam or Hari’s own Poojai in the scenes when Agni appears — the sole difference being the protagonists. Soori’s antics and efforts to make laughs hardly work and produce us make us yawn — and yearn for Vivekh’s Erimalai. Radikaa, from the role of a widow that's concerned about her daughters’ future, creates a direct effect even though she appears only in some scenes. Thakur Anoop Singh, the revolutionary baddie around town, looks young, but feels better than the previous film’s villains. Sharat Saxena is OK inside the role of a nearby thug.

    It can be a known indisputable fact that Hari may be following a template in most of his films — a ferocious hero, another comedy track, a glamour song (if this were Anjali in Singam 2 and Andrea in Poojai, it really is Neetu Chandra who the hero shakes a leg with), and so forth. However, this drawback is trivial because these elements always impress the masses.

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  • Exclusive Bogan (2017) HDRip Tamil Full Movie Watch Online

    Bogan HDRip - Download Here (700Mb)


    As we had reported earlier director Lakshman's fantasy action thriller 'Bogan' had took the highest opening day collections (Rs.44 Lakhs) in Chennai for a Jayam Ravi starrer. Now the film has achieved the same with its four day opening weekend collections in the capital city. 

    Between February 2nd and 5th, the film has collected over 1.6 crores in Chennai alone. (Rs.1,61,65,850). In the three days after the release day has had 307 shows in 19 screens with an average of 90% theatre occupancy 'Bogan' has collected Rs.1,18,65,850 and lead the film for an Excellent Opening and the biggest ever in the career of Jayam Ravi. This is mainly due to the phenomenal positive word of mouth generated by the film's content especially the performance of Arvind Swamy in the titular character has amazed everyone who has watched the film. 

    The other Tamil release of the weekend Jai-Pranitha starrer 'Enakku Vaaitha Adimaigal' released on the same day as 'Bogan'. Apart from the first day the remaining three days of the weekend, the film was screened for 183 shows across 20 screens in the city. With this the film has collected Rs.21,76,530. On the first day the film had collected around Rs.6 lakhs, taking the total collections to Rs.27,76,530.

    The film has ended up with a below average opening in its first weekend as far as Chennai BO is concerned. 

    Worldwide superstar Jackie Chan's 'Kung Fu Yoga' that released a day later that is on Friday has fetched an average opening in Chennai. The collections made out of 11 shows across 15 screens is Rs.16,52,280 with 75% occupancy. 

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  • Kaabil 2017 Full Movie Watch Online-Download Free DVDScr XviD XGyaandus [Exclusive]

    Kaabil 2017 Full Movie Watch Online-Download Here (600 Mb)


    A payback and retribution tale that offers other than the protagonists that are visually impaired to nothing fresh

    Why it doesn’t reduce towards the follow fast, several moments into you also and Kaabil commence to speculate. Two visually-impaired lovers—Rohan (Hrithik Roshan) and Supriya (Yami Gautam)—meet on a time, tumble for every single other and finally get committed. In between, they converse look, separate then find one another boogie adeptly without fairly possessing discovered it. In summary they do all kinds of things that keep price and tiny awareness for that viewer. The lady performs the gentleman along with the cello dubs exhibits in sounds that are assorted.

    Next tragedy—rape and death—come dialling due to two villainous brothers, (who are furthermore actual life bros) —Ronit and Rohit Roy. Villainy that was additional will come in the form of the cop that was bad played from the normally great actor who gets terribly hammy Kulkarni.

    Evidently, while in the half that is minute, the picture becomes a common revenge saga, slightly more engaging than deathly boring, dreary and deadening initial half.

    Clichés abound as a result of enjoying sightless you might say that Bollywood offers regarding lengthy institutionalised—looking straight ahead and gazing unblinkingly and vacantly into the house. Then your omission of eyeliner can be an additional indication of sightlessness if it’s the heroine.

    The world is efficiently piled between the very good along with the acutely bad. There's no breadth for almost any in-betweenness to be.

    Next there are dialogues from another era—“Kya andhera andhere koh roshan karega (May one darkness light up the other)? Can two downsides make one beneficial?” And a cringingly tricky and poor depiction of the results of rape. Why if the woman (who is usually pitched being an impartial and selfreliant one) keep harping how points can’t be the identical involving the couple following the work of infringement and why should the gentleman play-along with that?

    Roshan gives his all-but your time and effort exhibits to it. A also serious is in him regarding his or her own good that is spontaneous. Increase that the closeups, the cloying sentimentality and twitching of each face pore and muscles. They only must relax and watch for superior movies.

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